Bread Charity | Protecting Dreams




We focus on mentoring and inspiring youth. We also donate items of clothing + uniform.

Uniform and Clothing donations

I felt better about myself with my new, clean white school shirt. I felt like I was ready to come to school and learn”. Student B said that “by having a pair of correct black school shorts that fit properly, I felt more comfortable about coming to school”.

Student Mentoring

We stay with a group of students for an extended period of time (approx 6 months). We have a written syllabus we have developed which each student gets to help with each session.

Showing children a $1,000,000 Lamborghini.

The gap between those who 'have got' and those who 'have not got' is substantial. Bread attempts to bridge the two ends of the spectrum by taking a million dollar car to a low decile school.