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Bread Academy Mentoring

Our mentoring program with UoA medical student volunteers

We mentor students (with the help of Auckland University Medical Student volunteers) with the aim of inspiring children so that they understand no matter where they come from, they are capable of amazing things.

We stay with a group of students for an extended period of time (approx 6 months). We have a written syllabus we have developed which each student gets to help with each session.

Helping with goal setting, career planning, university and high school planning, research development skills and overall promotion of positive thinking. We also take in cool cars to show them such as a $1,000,000 Lamborghini SVJ, really showing them that this isn't a dream, you can have it and are more than capable of achieving anything you want.

Based on what the students like we then buy items for them, e.g. if a student likes basketball we'll buy them shoes and a whole set to practice. The idea is to get them doing things they're passionate about to inspire their dreams. Our funding is designed to be super direct, through mentoring we really get to know the kids and then use the money based on their needs. We're all about maximising every cent to make the biggest difference. We don't take a cent as a salary or wage it all goes to the kids.

Each student gets approximately $300-400 worth of goodies donated from us.

What it involves

  • Goal setting + planning
  • Research skills
  • Guest Speakers
  • Positive thinking
  • Mentoring advice
  • Providing lunch for the students