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Uniform and Clothing Fund

We make sure children have warm and dry clothing

We have allocated funds to ensure children in low decile schools have appropriate clothing (e.g. warm/dry clothing for wet months and appropriate footwear).

This works on a demand basis. If a teacher is aware of a student who reguarly attends school without the correct clothing, they simply let us know the size and we purchase then send the requried items to the school. This ensures every dollar donated is used as effectively as possible targeting the students in need.

This reaches approximately 2000 students in various schools around New Zealand.

"Children should be enjoying their time at school and playing with their friends. They shouldn't have to put up with being cold and wet during colder months. Hopefully our fund is able to make sure students are wearing the correct clothing". Statment from Bread Founder, Mustafa Sheikh.

The items are presented to the child as being gifts from the school. We don't want any credit for our deeds as we don't want children looking up the charity - the last thing we want is the child to think for a second that they are getting a handout for being disadvantaged and question their parent's ability to provide for them.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at info@bread.org.nz

Students with winter jackets donated by Bread.

Footwear donation.

StudentsJackets donated by Bread.

Footwear donation by Bread.

Footwear donation by Bread.