Re-investing knowledge into the community | Bread

Re-investing knowledge into the community

Bread is joining two ends of the spectrum

Bread has created a medium through which knowledge can be re-invested back into the community. Supercar owners who attend our events are high achievers in the world of business. This is a great source of knowledge and inspiration for the kids we work with.

With the help of Auckland Police we brought along 3 kids to enjoy the day and meet supercar owners. They got to attend the event as VIPs and get a ride in a Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche GT3 and Ferrari F430. From the event they were driven in these supercars for a lunch at the Royal Yacht Club. They got to sit with the event attendees and enjoy an amazing meal with a view of Auckland Harbour.

This is such a unique opportunity getting to drive with the owners in these incredible vehicles. It's all about breaking the cycle, showing these kids what's out there in the world and helping them realise that they can achieve whatever they want.

A big part of this is also creating positivity around Police in our community. Police officers are the ones that interact and assist youth who find themselves in difficult situations. Essentially mentoring kids in the community which aligns with our values. Thus reinforcing police as positive role models for youth goes a long way.

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