Police Collaboration

Police Collaboration

Enforcing a positive police image is key to growth as a community

Christmas present giveaway with Auckland Police 2020 Christmas present drop off with Auckland Police (donation over $4000)

Positive police image is a massive focus area of ours.

We aim to collaborate with police officers as much as we can. This currently involves intergration with our mentoring programme and an annual Christmas present donation.

Every Christmas we team up with Auckland Police. I believe enforcing a positive police image is key to growth as a community. This is why we make every effort to actively collaborate with Auckland Police. We have an annual Christmas present run in which we go to each child’s house with police to distribute presents. We also get officers to speak to kids in school during our mentoring programmes throughout the year.

We don't give the presents and take credit as Bread. We donate the items and hand them out as presents from Auckland police.

Social problems are very complex in nature. There are a number of various factors which need to be addressed. Active approaches are always going to be more effective, e.g. physical measures put in place within our communities. Police are a perfect example of a great active approach.

Police are physically present and intervene with a number of cases, including those which involve youth. In many ways police are mentors for our youth. Imagine a police officer knocking on your door and handing you a Christmas present worth a few hundred dollars. It’s about maintaining a positive community presence for Police in our community.

Santa has always been illustrated as having a red outfit. Seems as though santa has swapped it for a blue uniform.

Mentoring students with Auckland Police guest speakers Police officers speaking to children during a Bread mentoring session.

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