How Ferraris and Lamborghinis are helping children dream

Supercars inspire and fund children living in poverty

A $500,000 Ferrari and child poverty are on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, we have managed to create a successful funding model revolving around supercars. These events fund our weekly mentoring programs in low decile schools.

Supercars from brands such as Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini were escorted by Police down Queen Street which was temporarily closed for the event. The line up of cars was breathtaking featuring not one but four Lamborghini Aventadors (SV, SVJ, 2 x coupes), a dozen Ferraris and a spectrum of other cars totalling over 30 in attendance.

Bread has frequent interactions with NZ Police at community days. There is also a community programme with Auckland City Police in the works for the near future.

Behind the vision is Mustafa Sheikh (Mussie), who some have coined “the ethical Robin Hood” a phrase which eludes to using supercars to give to the less fortunate. The goal being to inspire the dreams of kids living in poverty. Sheikh was inspired to start the Bread Charity seeing how poverty effected students in his home city, Gisborne. “So many of my classmates had more potential than me but didn’t know how far they could have gone in life. We just want to give kids courage to pursue their dream.

Bread now runs New Zealand’s largest supercar events as fundraisers including a parade which closes down Queen Street with 30+ Ferraris and Lamborghinis being escorted by police.

“Supercars work very well for our charity. We get kids from our mentoring programs come out to the event and sit in these cars. They get to visualise their dreams by seeing these cars in person. We’re not pushing kids to pursue material posessions by an means. We’re just saying if you like this, you can have it one day. It’s all bout giving kids a positive mindset”.

Neither Sheikh nor a trustee takes a single cent for running the charity, it is 100% voluntary.

Bread Celebrity Interviews

Josef Rakich - McLaren 570s

Keven Mealamu - BMW F80 M3