Our Goal to Protect 1000 Dreams

Bread has now expanded into more low decile schools within Auckland. We have developed a syllabus for students to follow in each session. This ensures that while we expand, our programmes maintain a consistently high standard.

We have a target of helping 1000 students. With our personal programmes it’s not as simple as writing out a check to each student and moving on. We sit down and understand each student, help them set goals and analyse career pathways. We’re with each student for 2 terms and through this approach, though it takes more time, we are confident we will be able to make the biggest difference.

Each child has a dream we should do our best to create a positive mindset so they are able to pursue their goals.

That’s why bread exists, to protect dreams. Any child regardless of where they are and where they come from has the ability to do amazing things. Sometimes it’s only a matter of a little encouragement to help them realise their capability.

Bread Celebrity Interviews

Josef Rakich - McLaren 570s

Keven Mealamu - BMW F80 M3