The Importance of Protecting Dreams

Bread gives children hope. We support and assist any dreams a child may have. By doing so we promote positive thinking and not only help children succeed, but our support also attempts to prevent a number of serious issues. Child suicide and depression are increasing at alarming rates.

Through mentoring we get to know the kids so can direct our spending to fuel their dreams. We show them that we care about them by spending time with them and assisting with goal planning.

Bread also operates in the wider community. We were informed about a child who was being abused at home, had attempted suicide, had no where to sleep and only the clothes on their back. The only request Bread recieved was for Mussie to talk to the kids and inspire him with his story. We took it a step further and ensured the kid had a place to stay through a donation. The donation also covered groceries and new clothes.

No child should ever be in this position. A child's biggest concert should be deciding which game to play. These unforuntate incidents are very common and Bread will always be prepared and do our best to assist children in this position.

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