Bread Youth Centre Project 2021

Bread's million dollar mission. "We want to help generations to come"

Our youth centre project was inspired by the desire to impact generations to come. 'Real' change is achieved not by short term measures but rather those that sustain and can make a lasting impact. There is often a direct correlation between time invested and it's outcome when looking at social changes. Take our mentoring as an example, we spend months with children to make a lasting impact, if we spent a day with these students we would have had very little impact.

Thus it makes sense to look at initiatives that remain in the community as a source of motivation and growth for children. A youth centre which is dedicated to inspiring and looking after children.

Bread has collaborated with New Zealand police on multiple occasions. The idea was proposed at a meeting in which Auckland police were more than happy to be a part of. If police encounter a child that needs to be separated from an issue/incident at home, the youth centre becomes a perfect medium for this to occur. A positive place where they can focus on being a kid, a 'neutral medium'.

The centre will have several activities for the kids. There will also be a fridge which is restocked daily. Again, we want to make this a safe place kids can come and chill out. A place they're always welcome and know they will be looked after and fed.

The walls of the youth centre will have images of famous Kiwis on the walls, the likes of Jonah Lomu and Sir Edmund Hillary to inspire children. To remind them that anything is possible regardless of where you come from. Bread can also host talks with famous Kiwis visiting the children in the centre.

The proposed location for the centre is Avondale. Our research began six months ago and we are dedicated to making the biggest difference we possibly can with launch in 2021.

We need your support to make this happen. We've got the plan in place but need to reach the funding goal to get this up and running.

Figure 1: Avondale Bread Youth Centre Plan

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