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Behind the scenes:

Bread Studios

When I first started the piano it was on a cardboard cutout with a piano drawn on it. Now we're giving these kids a proper studio.

I know you'd be here helping me Kory so I've dedicated this studio to you. The only one to believe in me since day one. You sent me your raps a few weeks before you passed. I can't wait to tell you everything that's been happening when I see you again.

8 hours straight of painting today taught me alot. First never underestimate a task, painting is harder than it looks. But one can't become fixated on the difficulty or parameters which surround the project. Overthinking is the worst thing as it severely inhibits progress.

People are always confused why I dedicate time to help people especially when it doesn't pay. Well if we don't. Who will? I can't emphasise how much power we as the people have for change.

I'm on this world for a defined amount of time. I was the fortunate one who was able to get an education, I have food to eat and I have a voice. If we don't help others grow what's the point? What have we achieved in life?

If I pass tomorrow. What will a rolex GMT mean? We help a kid, their life gets better. They get educated or a good job. Their family when they grow up have a better life. It's a cycle.

First I started with a computer render with the exact arrangment

Big thanks to Bunnings for the sponorship

Prepped the whole room for paint

Built a dedicated vocal/instrument recording booth

Goodies arrive

They also get a brand new apple computer. The items are of high quality to show respect to these kids, we care about you and are providing you with cool stuff because we believe in you.