Protect Dreams:

We can't sleep knowing tens of thousands of young Kiwi's go to school hungry. That our young Kiwis walk to school with no shoes on. That it rains they stay wet and cold for the whole day. How can we sit back and not help our communities? These children deserve a childhood without a worry in the world, instead, these children are missing out. These children have dreams

What we do:

We hold mentoring sessions with a group of students on a regular basis (year 7/8 students). Our goal with mentoring is to inspire and promote the dreams of these Kiwi children. Within these sessions we cover aspects such as goal planning and career guidance. If the student wants to side step like Sonny Bill Williams or become a nurse, doctor or anything else, we will do our best to support their visions. We will set goals and motivate them to do what they desire. The mentors are volunteers, a large majority of mentors are medical students from Auckland University. We often host lunches for our students too.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring allows us to understand our students. This allows us to spend your generous donations more effectively. We are big on personalised spending so we spend in the most effective way possible. So if a student is really passionate about rugby but doesn't have the right gear, we can help them by giving them a pair of boots.

A closer Look ...

Our goal is to inspire and motivate our student's mindset, to add a sparkle to their day. One may ask how donating a pair of rugby boots contributes to alleviating poverty in our communities. Poverty is by definition is an income below a certain threshold leading to difficulty accessing certain resources such as food or clothing. It's issues are far more complex than simply being hungry. It can be mentally straining and at times traumatic, especially to young children. When this student receives a pair of new boots all of a sudden their eyes sparkle and for a moment in time - every other issue they may be facing at home becomes irrelevant. Every time they put on the boots they are motivated to pursue their dreams. Running through the grass their imagination of being an All Black at Mount Eden Stadium is reignited. Dreams are supported. These children have amazing potential and will be the future of our country, let's make sure they know how amazing they are and that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Dreams are crucial ...

As aforementioned, from poverty a number of more complex social issues arise. We've personally lost friends to this, for without hope one becomes lost. Every child has a dream and we should do everything we can to ensure we support them.

What can you do?

We need your donations. Every dollar, every cent you donate goes towards saving a young Kiwi's dream. Please take a time to visit the donation page