Our Story

Our Story

"I don't know how people sleep at night knowing there are children out there suffering. Children who we can help, lives we can make better with just a little bit of effort on our part."

Mussie who is the founder of the Bread Charity has always made it his mission to make the world a better place. From volunteering at Starship Hospital to mentoring in high school, he has dedicated his life to helping other people. Bread aims to assist children in low decile schools through mentoring and student funding.

Mussie himself grew up on the East Coast and saw first hand how his peers didn't utilise their amazing potential. "Kids in my class were way smarter than me, had way more potential on the sports field yet it was almost like they didn't realise how much potential they had". Thus upon moving to Auckland where he studied at Auckland University, Mussie took it upon himself to give back and help youth in New Zealand by starting the Bread Charity.

On a weekly basis, Mussie along with a group of medical student go into low decile schools and mentor students. A typical session includes going over university advice, getting the medical student volunteers to tell students about university life and study tips.

Each student writes down three things they enjoy doing in their spare time. Bread then allocates money to each student and buys items relating to what the student enjoys doing. If the student enjoys rugby they get a full rugby set, if they enjoy science they are given science books and activities. The whole purpose is to protect dreams, to get these children doing things they like doing. The mentoring sessions aim to motivate them to do whatever they want to in life and help them realise they have unlimited potential.

Supercar Events

To raise money Bread Runs the largest Supercar events in New Zealand which includes an annual police escorted parade down Queen Street. Over 30 supercars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren take part in this event.